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My name is Peter and I decided I would publish this site regarding everything I love doing. Firstly however, I will write about my travelling experiences and several of my investment strategies. I enjoy to travel around the world, traveling to over 100 different nations. To finance my trips, I put money into a number of traditional in addition to alternate investments.

Something else you should know about me will be that I am member of the Financial Independence (FiRE) movement. I was lucky enough to have accomplished early retirement at age Forty five thus, making this something more I'm going to discuss in order to encourage individuals to do the same.

Hopefully my site will help you make investments correctly & smartly at the same time. Feel free to follow me during this journey also.


Life is too short to work forever. Retire early and enjoy it!

My First Post


I'm not sure how to post on this site, it's the first time I've used it.

For my first article I wanted to post a bit about the alternative investments I use.

I hope I'm putting it in the correct place!


Alternative Investments

A lot of people consider investing like a scary thing where you can just purchase mutual funds, stocks, guilts or ETF's (exchange traded funds). Lots of people who have been investing for some time may also invest in areas like commodities or even The fx market. Yet a few other investors may want as an alternative a metals ETF or perhaps ownership of a mining conglomerate in order to get in to the precious metals trading markets. If an individual starts considering various places to invest their funds, they should ensure it is a genuine alternative investment. Instead, focus on reputable investment options that will help you prosper.
Here, we have picked out 4 types of genuine alternative investments to consider in 2019 and forward.

Peer to Peer Financing

What's Peer financing
Peer-to-peer lending, also called P2P loaning, is a relatively new phenomenon. P2P online websites lend to corporations, individuals, property developers and almost any one else which may qualify for a loan.Because there are generally quite a few lenders who want to loan the money to applicants, when there's sufficient, the loan can be released as soon as due diligence has been completed on the borrower.
Banking institutions typically don't take part in Peer to Peer investing. Any time a candidate requests financing, all the investments from the lenders tend to be put together, and then the loan is then given to the borrower. Repayments are then received each period (generally month-to-month) which generally include the interest on the loan. Earnings from P2P loaning are usually significantly more than you'd ever get from a high street banking institution.
Your cash is often at risk with peer to peer loaning because the possibility of default (borrowers failing to pay the loan back) is always present. It usually is evident that you may be lending to an person who was unable to obtain a loan from other options for funding. It is always good to understand though you'll get to pick out what loans you would like to invest in based on things like the applicant's credit history in addition to other loaning factors.
There are a number of very good instructional internet websites where one can find out about P2P lenders, examples include:
Lend Academy
Peer to Peer Lending Finance Blog
Proplend Blog

Here's a short video about Peer to Peer Lending that I found on you tube:

Property Investing

the real estate market
Should you wish to place money in to real estate, it means you become the actual owner. If you want to purchase houses, holiday apartments, condominiums or flats, you will have renters residing there and so you get to have your rent repayments being deposited in to your bank account. In many cases, you give a down payment, and a traditional bank takes care of the rest. You get the rental earnings & appreciation from your asset. Frequently it's best if you collaborate along with other investors to purchase and share the expense of handling the real estate as a team. Spreading risk among a lot of buyers may be beneficial, and there is also a chance you can speak to some other people who could help you in long-term opportunities.
As an alternative to direct investment, me personally I am inclined to make use of peer to peer websites which handle loaning in real estate property as this is a little less work.
Some companies allow you to purchase real estate without the need to deal with the responsibilities of becoming a landlord. Among others:
However, these kind of investments have some charges and potential risks that you will have to research before diving in.

Precious Metals

Gold is commonly viewed as a good inflation hedge, a liquid asset, plus a way to store value. Gold is a feasible alternative to ordinary investment options, or better still, when ever combined with a smart mix of assets, it can strengthen and also balance any portfolio. Gold is viewed as an excellent diversifier because of very low correlation with other asset classes, in particular stocks and shares. This grows more obvious in challenging situations when gold may act as a rescue investment.
Several choices are available to buy gold, as an example buying through storage companies, as well as buying gold bullion through metal distributors, additionally ETF's can offer exposure without the need to commit to paying storage fees.

Equity Crowd Funding

crowdfunding picture
Another idea is we could look at Crowd Funding, where you can help by buying part of a business that's just starting out. Angel investors might be offered shares in start-up enterprises making use of financing websites.
Once you place your money in to a start up company's stocks, then you own a percentage of the company, so if it is prosperous, then you receive some of it. Of course if the business goes out of business, you may lose part of your investment capital.


Your investment portfolio should be diverse. So it is a good idea to consider all the financial assets talked about previously, as well as regular investments such as securities, bonds and mutual funds.

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